Custom Electronic Design

How quickly can we get you a prototype? Find out today!



Rapid Controls has been helping our customers to design and develop their electronic products since 1987. We can start with just an idea and do full turnkey development or do focused work on a specific area of your existing design.

Electronics form the heart of modern products. Your customers ask for more features and flexibility. Instead of turning to expensive off the shelf controls or embedded PCs, a custom designed electronic module will help you stay competitive. Whether you sketched out your idea on a napkin or have a team developing detailed specifications, we can turn your idea into a design and the design into reality.

Full-Service Design from Start to Finish

Rapid Controls does much more than PCB layout. As a full-service electronic design and manufacturing firm, we can handle all aspects of electronic product design. Everything from specifcation to documentation.

Our in-house assembly team lets us quickly produce prototypes and low-quantity production parts without delays. For larger quantities, we can help you find an assembly house or let us handle all the details.

Our state of the art development tools allow us to work with three-dimensional representations of the circuit boards before production. This lets us integrate the electronic design with the mechanical design to make sure everything fits right the first time. Avoid costly interference problems and delays.

We Know You Will Be Delighted

It is our responsibility to make sure you are happy your project and we take that responsibility seriously. If you are not satisfied with our work, we will fix the situation by whatever means necessary.