TDD2 Serial Communications Cable


Easily connect your PC or laptop to a TDD2 display. Use the TDD2 serial protocol to configure the display, log position data, or control display operation remotely.

  • Works with any RS-232 serial port
  • USB option works with laptops and other PCs without a serial port
  • Works with TDD2-WinComm for simple PC-based setup


The CC-TDD2 is a cable assembly that allows connection of a TDD2 to a PC using industry standard RS-232 serial communications. Optionally available with USB support for use with PCs without a serial port.

A serial connection to the TDD2 lets you use the TDD2-WinComm setup software to easily configure the display.

The serial connection can also be used to control the display and perform data aquisition. A rich set of serial commands allows you to query information such as the current position or digital IO status. Commands are also available to change configuration options and control the display remotely.

The USB option adds a removable USB->Serial adapter, allowing the cable assembly to be used with either a PC having RS-232 or USB.


Length feet 6 Without USB option
Serial Interface RS-232-C
Connector 1 RJ-45 Modular Plug (Not for use with ethernet equipment!)
Connector 2 DE-9F Female D-sub

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