PC104 sensor data aquisition card


A PC/104 form factor module providing two channels of magnetostrictive transducer interface. Operates with start/stop, PWM (Pulse Width Modulated), or the SSI (Synchronous Serial Interface) transducer.


The Model PC4-TEMP is a PC/104 form factor and bus compatible module that provides two channels of magnetostrictive transducer interface. The module interrogates the transducers and converts the timing information to position values. The module operates with Start/Stop, Pulse Width Modulated or with the SSI transducer. Different transeducer types may be mixed on a single board. On a each Start Stop transducer the module supports one to 31 recirculations or from one to 31 magnets when in the multimagnet mode. All operations are software controlled. A 56 MHz oscillator provides excellent resolution even in the multi-magnet mode. The transducers are electrically isolated from the PC104 power supply. Transducer and power supply connections are made easy with a removable screw terminal.


  • Supports two Pulse Width Modulated, Start Stop or SSI transducers
  • 56 MHz Count oscillator provides 0.001 inch resolution
  • Multi-Magnet mode measures up to 31 magnets
  • Optical isolation between the transducer and the board
  • Switch selectable I/O address selectable in 8 byte increments
  • 14 pin screw terminal to connect transducers


Measurement Resolution Inch (mm) 0.002 (.05) 0.002 (.05) 0.002 (.05) 56 MHz with 1 recirculation
Measurement Resolution Inch (mm) .004 (.101) .004 (.101) .004 (.101) 28 MHz with 1 recirculation
Sensor Recirculation Support 1 2 31 Number of Recirculations averaged
Sensor Multi-Magnet Support Magnets 1 1 31 One Interrogation required for each magnet
Bus Interface PC104 8 bit Bus
Supply Power V 5 @ 200 ma


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