Digital Sensor Display


The TDD displays 6 digit position information from a magnetostrictive transducer or quadrature encoder. It is capable of interfacing with a SSI, PWM, Start/Stop or Neuter transducer depending on model. Setup is accomplished via the frontpanel keypad or RS-232/485 serial communications link. The unit has optional programmable limit switches and analog output. A host computer can obtain position and limit-switch information via the RS232/RS485 serial link.


When power is applied, the unit will begin with a LED segment test. Saved configuration settings are loaded from the non-volatile EPROM and the software date is displayed on the LED display for 2 seconds. The display then begins normal operation: interrogating the transducer, displaying position, and controlling limit switches and analog output

During normal operation, the display interrogates the transducer for magnet position information. This information is scaled and offset before being used to update the displayed position and any installed limit switch or analog output modules. Settings can be changed via the RS232 serial link at any time during normal operation. An interactive setup mode can be accessed to allow setup via the front panel. Serial communications are suspended during front panel setup


  • Six digit, 0.57 inch high, seven segment, red LED display
  • Interfaces to Start/Stop, PWM or SSI transducers
  • Fast 5-millisecond update rate
  • Programmable decimal point, units, scale, and resolution
  • Optional five-channel programmable limit switch and analog output module


Enclosure in (mm) 3.78 (96) x 1.75 (44.5) x 4.68 (119) Metal Encslosure W x H x D 1/8 DIN panel cutout
Control I/O V 0V 0V Remote zero input
Display -199999 10.9999 999999 6 digit LED decimal point to the right of any character
Supply Power V 7 24 26.4 Typically same as sensor supply (R option requires 20 to 26.4V)


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