Flexible, high-resolution digital sensor readout


An advanced digital readout designed from the ground up for linear position sensors. The TDD2 works with MTS Temposonics, Balluff Micropulse, and most other magnetostrictive sensors. Other types of sensors that use the SSI protocol are also supported.

  • Easily add a display to your existing installation using eavesdrop mode to monitor sensor data being read by another device.
  • A ultra-high precision digital timer allows for Start/Stop and PWM resolutions of 5 micron


The TDD2 is a flexible digital display designed to display position information. It can interface with many types of magnetostrictive sensors, as well as other sensors that support the SSI protocol:

  • Start/Stop output magnetostrictive sensors (leading- and trailing-edge)
  • Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) output magnetostrictive sensors
  • Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI) output magnetostrictive sensors and encoders (binary and gray coding, 8-32 bit data word)
  • MTS Temposonics CANbus output sensors (multi-magnet models only; even when using a single-magnet)
  • MTS Temposonics CANopen output sensors

Magnetostrictive sensors with digital pulse output types (Start/Stop or PWM) are read by timing the response from the sensor. The TDD2 uses a high-precision digital timer IC to enable resolutions of 5 micron without recirculation — it even works in multi-magnet mode.

The TDD2 has a flexible scaling and offsetting system that enables position display in any engineering units. Built in units make it easy to work with standard lengths like inches and millimeters. Scaling allows use of custom linear or rotational units.

The TDD2 is available with an optional 16-bit analog retransmission output and programmable limit switches. Analog output can be configured to correspond to any position or velocity range. The limit switches can be configured to be active low or active high over any position range.

The display can be configured using just the frontpanel keypad, or a Windows-based setup program can be used. The setup program sends serial commands to the display. Serial commands can be sent over RS-232 or RS-485, and can be used to change any display setting or to retreive position or digital IO status.

Two digital inputs and a system of programmable actions allow simple remote control of the display using pushbuttons or a PLC or other controller. The same action system can be used to program custom display operations for the front-panel keypad.


  • Eavesdrop on PWM and SSI sensors being interrogate by a second controller
  • Six bright, daylight readable 0.57" tall digits
  • Flexible scaling and offsetting with engineering unit support
  • Start/Stop multi-magnet support with per-mag
  • Available with limit switches and 16-bit analog retransmission output


Supply Power DC Volts 9 24 28
Supply Power mA 250 350
Serial Interface RS-232 and RS-485
Update Period mS 5 5


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