Linear sensor to analog position and velocity


Two-channel magnetostrictive Start/Stop, PWM, or SSI sensor to analog output conversion. Each sensor channel is converted to position and/or velocity analog output.

  • 16-bit resolution analog outputs
  • -10 to +10 VDC output range
  • Position based analog output, velocity based analog output, or both


The SAB-A module provides 2 or 4 high resolution analog outputs from 1 or 2 digital transducers. The outputs can be based on position of one or more magnets or the velocity of magnet travel. Analog outputs are fully scalable. The module interfaces to one or two channels of magnetostrictive transducer with Start/Stop, PWM or SSI outputs and is capable of eavesdropping on transducers that are being interrogated by other controllers. Setup is via a dumb terminal or PC connected to the serial interface. The module is mounted in a DIN rail enclosure for convenient mounting.


  • Two channels of 24-bit position from Start/Stop, PWM or SSI magnetostrictive transducers
  • Ability to use one sensor for all channels of analog output
  • Software update rate, velocity window, and analog position/velocity ranges
  • Two electrically isolated DC outputs for Transducer OK (0-24 VDC at 50 ma)


Measurement Resolution Inch .001 56 MHz oscillator 2 Reicrulations
Supply Power V 7.5 26 At 300mA (420 ma with 2 transducers attached)
Enclosure Enclosure is 4.64 inches deep x 5.31 high x 1.77 wide (118 x 135 x 46 mm)
Analog Output 16-bit 0 to 5, 0 to 10, -5 to 5, and -10 to 10 volt output


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