Linear sensor to ABZ quadrature converter


The SAB-Q2 converts data from two or four Start/Stop, PWM, or SSI magnetostrictive transducers or encoders to differential ABZ quadrature.


The SAB-Q2 module converts change in two channels of magnetostrictive transducer position to the ABZ quadrature format. The conversion is implemented with a micro-controller and EPLD allowing a wide range of flexibility and high-speed output. The module continually interrogates the magnetostrictive transducers for position and if there is a change in the position, the SAB-Q2 outputs the correct number of state changes on the AB quadrature lines. If the transducer position is the marker position, the Z quadrature output is activated. Quadrature changes are output at a rate proportional to the speed of motion. Each channel has a send all input that causes the absolute position of the transducer to be output via the quadrature lines. Each channel has a transducer OK output to signal the proper functioning of the transducer. A setup mode allows easy setup of the gradient, recirculations, offsets, marker positions, and transducer lengths via RS232.

The SAB-Q2 can be used as a replacement for the Rockwell AEC-216 Absolute Encoder Converter. Please contact us for application support.



  • Quadrature output rate is proportional to sensor speed
  • Two or four channels of 24 bit magnetostrictive transducer measurement
  • 56 MHz oscillator for 0.001 inch resolution with 2 recirculations
  • Two or four channels of 5-volt differential A, B and Z outputs
  • Software selectable transducer gradient, offset, marker and length
  • Two electrically isolated DC inputs for Send All (12-24 VDC)


Quadrature Clock Speed Quadrature States/Second 112,000 Maximum output rate on each channel
Update Period µS 500 14000 Automatically calculated based on transducer length and recirculations
Sensor Support Inches 165 Max 2 micron SSI Sensor length
Sensor Support Inches 412 Max 5 micron SSI Sensor length
Supply Power V 7.5 24 26 at 300mA (420 ma with 2 transducers attached)
Quantity Model SAB-Q2-ANA analog outputs: · Resolution is 16-bit (0.3 mV) with –10.0V to +10.0V output range · Output current +/-5mA


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