Portable Sensor Tester and Display


The TT100 portable sensor tester has a waterproof case and internal power supply. It is designed to test and display position from magnetostrictive sensors in locations where you don't want to install a permenant display. Great for on-site testing, temporary position display, or testing of embedded sensors.

Tests and displays position for Start/Stop, PWM, SSI, and CANbus magnetostrictive sensors. It will also work with other types of SSI sensors, including absolute encoders, lasers inferometers, and glass scales.


The Rapid Controls model TT100 Portable Sensor Tester interfaces with multiple types of transducers and  displays position and status information from the transducer in raw counts or engineering units.

The TT100 is capable of use with sensors supporting the following output types:

  • RS-422 Start/Stop digital pulse magnetostrictive sensors
  • RS-422 Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) magnetostrictive sensor (internal or external interrogation)
  • RS-422 Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI) sensors (8-32 bit, binary or graycode output)
  • MTS Temposonics CANbus sensors

Display setup, including sensor type selection is accomplished via the front-panel keypad and display, or using a Windows-based setup program. The TT100 will automatically detect MTS Temposonics G-Series sensors and download their parameters.

The TT100 can eavesdrop on communication between a PWM or SSI sensor and another host device. This allows you to view position information without interrupting your existing control loop.


The unit is housed in a high-impact, waterproof plastic enclosure.


  • Lightweight, waterproof and portable tester goes where you do
  • Test sensors installed in a machine without lengthy dissasembly, connect to the sensor where-ever it is convenient
  • Removable screw terminals allow easy connection to any sensor
  • All setup can be performed from the front panel buttons, or using a Windows setup program
  • Bright LED display is clearly visible in daylight or from across the room
  • Interfaces to Start/Stop, PWM, SSI, or MTS CANbus sensors
  • Use the TT100 anywhere AC power is available - the internal 24V power supply supports 90-240V
  • Automatically detects and downloads parameters from MTS Temposonics G-Series sensors
  • Supports any binary or graycode SSI sensor with 8-32 bits of data
  • Automatically detects CANbus Node ID


Supply Power AC Volts 90 110, 220 240 AC Supply Voltage

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