Cable and terminal block for PCI4, ISA6, and SAB-P


Cabling and screw terminal connections to your PCI4, ISA6, or SAB-P. To add screw terminal connections, simply mount the terminal block on a DIN rail and connect the cable.

The CAB- series is available as a pigtail cable or as an assembly with a DIN rail mount terminal block.


The CAB- seris of cable is designed to allow simple connections to Rapid Controls products with large pincount connectors. Available as a pigtail cable or an assembly with cable and DIN rail mount terminal block.

CAB- models are available to support these products:

  • PCI4 (CAB-x-37-x)
  • ISA6 (CAB-x-37-x)
  • SAB-P-D2 (CAB-x-34-x)
  • SAB-P-D1 (CAB-x-34-x)

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