Sensor to serial converter


The SAB-S-is a two-channel module that measures single or multiple magnet transducer position and returns this information to a host computer via a serial interface using the Modbus or TMX serial Protocol. RS232 or RS485 communications are supported. Sensor interface configuration is controlled via Modbus registers.


The SAB-S module provides a serial interface to two magnetostrictive transducers. The SABS
supports sensors with Start/Stop, PWM (Pulse Width Modulated), or SSI interface. Transducers with
a Start/Stop interface may have from 1 to 32 magnets installed. If they have a single magnet,
they may be recirculated to gain resolution. The module communicates with a host computer or
PLC via RS232/ 485 serial communications using either a simple ASCII protocol or MODBUS

The SAB-S continually interrogates the magnetostrictive transducers for position and responds to the host with the latest position when it is requested. The serial protocol allows setting of gradient, offset, recirculations and number of magnets. A dip switch allows setup of the base address and baud rate. The module is mounted in a DIN rail enclosure for convenient mounting.


  • Two channels of 32 bit magnetostrictive transducer position
  • MODBUS or Simple ASCII (TMX) serial protocol
  • Modbus ASCII or RTU operation, switch selectable
  • Two optically isolated DC inputs
  • Two relay contact outputs indicate transducer status
  • Six TTL level outputs


Quantity 1 2 2 Channels of Start/Stop, PWM, or SSI magnetostrictive transducer measurement
Measurement Resolution Inches (mm) 0.002 (0.0508) Multi-magnet mode
Measurement Resolution Inches (mm) 0.0005 (0.0127) Single magnet and 4 recirculations
Update Period msec 3 Update Period
Serial Interface RS485, RS232 at 2400, 9600, 19200 and 57600 Baud, 8 Bits, No Parity, 1 Stop
Supply Voltage V 12 24 26 Supply Power
Supply Current ma 300 Supply Current
Enclosure Inches (mm) DIN Rail Mount 4.64 (118) x 5.31 (135) x 1.77 (146)
Control I/O ma 20 Six TTL outputs Max Current


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