PCI sensor data aquisition card


The PCI4 is a data aquisition card for PCI-based host computers. The PCI4 is designed for operation with one to four magnetostrictive transducers with Start/Stop, PWM, or Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI) outputs. The PCI4 is also compatible with other types of sensors that include an SSI interface.

  • Interfaces with four SSI, Start/Stop, or PWM sensors
  • Plug and Play PCI host interface
  • Driver software and examples included


The Model PCI4 is a PCI 2.1 form factor and bus compatible module that provides four channels of magnetostrictive transducer interface. The module operates with Start Stop, Trailing Edge Start Stop, Pulse Width Modulated or SSI magnetostrictive transducers or other SSI sensors. Each channel of the PCI4 may be individually configured to support a certain type of sensor protocol.

Channels supporting Start/Stop sensors can be configured for operation with up to 31 magnets (sensors may have a lower limit). Start/Stop and PWM channels can be configured for up to 31 external recirculations for increased measurement resolution. Sensor output timing uses a 56-MHz oscillator to provided 0.002-inch resolution with no recirculations.

All operations are controlled by software running on the host PC. When commanded to do so by the PC, the PCI4 will interrogate the sensors and determine the position value output by the sensor. An interrupt may optionally be generated at this time.

Sensor connections are provided via a 37-pin D-SUB connector. Sensors can be powered externally, or power can be distributed to the sensors through the 37-pin connector.

The CAB-TERM-37 terminal block and cable assembly is available for easy connections to the PCI4.


  • PCI Plug and Play compliant - no DIP switches to set
  • Supports up to four magnetostrictive sensors or absolute encoders
  • Supports Start/Stop, PWM, or SSI sensors
  • Sensor interface and PC interface are optically isolated
  • A single power source can be distributed to the sensors with no additional wiring
  • Individual status and position registers for each channel - no multiplexing


Bus Interface PCI version 2.1 Compatible
Measurement Resolution Inch 0.0020 Start/Stop and PWM (no recirculation)
Measurement Resolution SSI resolution determined by sensor
Sensor Multi-Magnet Support 1 31 Start/Stop (sensor may have a lower limit)
Sensor Multi-Magnet Support 1 1 1 PWM and SSI
Sensor Recirculation Support 1 31 Start/Stop and PWM
Supply Voltage DC Volts 5
Supply Current mA 500
Dimensions Inch 5.2 x 4.2 Width x Height
Dimensions mm 132 x 107 Width x Height
Sensor Interface Differential RS-422 (optically isolated)
Sensor Input Channels 4 4 4
Supported Sensor Protocol Start/Stop, PWM, SSI


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