Portable Magnetostrictive Sensor Tester


The TT300 sensor tester was developed to allow easy connection to most types of magnetostrictive sensors and can be used to configure and determne their functionality.


The Rapid Controls model TT Transducer Tester interfaces with multiple types of transducers and  displays position and status information from the transducer in raw counts or engineering units. A Min/Max display mode allows determination of jitter and detection of intermittant faults. The TT is capable of use with sensors supporting the following output types:

  • Start/Stop digital pulse (Differential, Single Ended and Neuter)
  • Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) (externally or internally interrogated)
  • Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI) with 24- or 25-bit binary or graycode output
  • MTS protocol CANbus and CANopen
  • Analog Voltage
  • Analog Current

 Transducer selection is accomplished via the front-panel keypad and display. A special model allows sending and receiveing setup messages from Canbus or SSI sensors. The unit is housed in a high-impact plastic enclosure and is available with an internal battery for use away from AC power.


  • Interfaces to Start/Stop, PWM, Neuter, SSI, CAN Open, MTS CANbus or Profi bus transducers
  • Capable of calibrating MTS SSI transducers at 1200 or 4800bps
  • Compose and Send setup messages for SSI and CanBus sensors and view the response from the sensor
  • Supports Start/Stop using Leading or Trailing Egde
  • 16-bit analog re-transmission output
  • Phoenix type screw terminals for sensor connections
  • For G-Series sensors the unit can be used as a RS232 to 422/485 converter with MTS software.
  • Programmable analog output for data logging
  • Can be used to change Sensor CanBus Node ID and other parameters
  • 2 line x 20 character backlit LCD display
  • Analog output is scalable to any position range


Enclosure Inches (mm) 8 (203.2), 3.6 (91.44), 6 (152.4) Width, Height, Depth
Sensor Interface RS422 differential SSI, Start/Stop, and PWM outputs
Sensor Multi-Magnet Support V 1.2 4 6 Minimum Start/Stop single-ended (neuter) level
Supply Power Switched 24V sensor power is current limited to 200mA
Supply Power Hours 2 Battery life (while powering one transducer)


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