Multi-magnet Start/Stop to DeviceNet Gateway


Transitioning to DeviceNet? Use your existing Start/Stop sensors with your new controller.

The XG555-R-DEV is a gateway device that interrogates Start/Stop protocol sensors and makes that information available over a DeviceNet fieldbus network.

Position information from up to two sensors can be collected.


The XG555-R-DEV functions as a DeviceNet slave with configurable address and baud rate. Up to two sensors, each with up to sixteen magnets, are continuously interrogated for position. The collected position information is scaled, then output to the DeviceNet master.

The XG555-R-DEV allows you to increase the number of magnets per sensor compared to native DeviceNet sensors.


  • Supports up to two Start/Stop sensors
  • Supports sixteen magnets per sensor
  • Configurable position scaling


Supply Power DC Volts 22 24 26
Supply Power mA 500
Supported Sensors 4
Bus Interface CAN ISO DIS 11898
Bus Interface DeviceNet release 2.0


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